I enjoy checking in on Thursdays with an eye to gratitude. It helps me keep focused on my efforts to delve into my life searching for the things I should be grateful for.

Recently I have been dealing with a new aspect of gratitude. My difficulty in accepting gratitude from others. My immediate reaction is to make light of what I did and that the appreciation is not necessary or in place. I don’t say, ”Your welcome!” I have been noticing how others do accept graciously and when they say “Your welcome” it honors the person who expressed their gratitude. It makes them feel noticed, unique, thought of.

I believe my inability to accept gratefulness comes from my wish to be humble and small and unnoticed. After examining this behavior thoroughly I don’t believe it is a true expression of humility. I think it is a result of an insecurity. The sad part is that my insecurity doesn’t allow the other person to shine. It is basically saying, “Don’t go out of your way to express your  gratefulness”. It shuts them down. It closes their positive energy and may make them think twice in the future about expressing their gratefulness to someone else.

When we open  our hearts and minds to receive the thanks, the gratitude, the positive energy – it bounces back to them. They leave with a full sincere feeling of gratitude in their heart versus a shut down feeling of rejection of their gratitude. Being rejected is very painful  – what it means is not only am I not worthy of being seen, I’m not going to see your grateful moment either.

I don’t think I am alone in my difficulty accepting gratitude graciously.

I invite you to think about this if you are also among those of us who find it difficult to accept wholly an expression of gratefulness. I am trying very hard to make headway in this area. The more I try, the better I feel.  I notice that it’s a good feeling to be noticed for something that you did, instead of putting yourself down. Consider it as doing a favor for the one expressing their thanks. 

Please share in the comments how you receive gratitude, especially if you have tips to share.

I read a very insightful comment on the word grateful – it means living life in a great fully way. 

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