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While attending a podcasting conference this week, I connected with my friend Pamela Smith to talk about the power of gratitude. Pamela is a private practice therapist and soon to be podcast host of ‘It’s All Mental’.

In this episode, we talk openly about the anxiety we were both feeling this week with everything we are juggling and how gratitude has been key in shifting our energy and really being present.

We also dig into our gratitude routines and why we believe the next “level” of gratitude is giving back. We discuss the different “levels” of gratitude and how we can take our gratitude practices to the next level through action.

So how do you SHOW gratitude? Pamela and I give a few examples of how we take action on our gratitude which welcomes in more abundance in our lives. As Pamela puts it, “You change the mindset, you change the behaviors, and you change your life”.

Next week we are doing something special in our community! We will be going live with one of our members to learn about their gratitude practices and tips. Connect with us in our private Facebook group to learn more. Remember, together is better!

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Topics Discussed:

Helpful gratitude practices.
Why gratitude and words of affirmation first thing in the morning is so powerful.
Mindfulness’ role in gratitude.

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