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As we enter the holiday season, Matana rediscovers her year, recounting the blessing of having experienced a year devoted to gratitude. She highlights how she chose to be in the moments that are phenomenal, chose to highlight the gratitude moments and chose to live with an open, grateful heart.

She shares how we can all invite miracles to our lives by focusing on the constant practice of gratitude, and coming to peace with things that didn’t go our way.

A key strategy she shares is how she decided to undertake starting and ending the day with a smile, despite the challenges of that day, the hurt, pain or disappointment, and focus on gratitude, which allowed her to see miracles throughout the year.

Matana introduces us to her “Gift of Light” special program, where she offers her listeners the option of working with her 1 on 1, over 8 sessions. This offer only has a small amount of slots open and is available for a limited time. The program is custom tailored to each individual and she will share her tools and techniques on topics she has implemented, such as gratitude, forgiveness, positive mindset and self love.


Link: Gift Of Light program


Topics Discussed:

  • Come to peace with things that didn’t go your way
  • Choose to start & end the day with a smile
  • Invite miracles to your life



  • “May you be in the mindset to look around and see your blessings and count them.” @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “Come to peace with things that didn’t go your way” @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “Anybody can buy into this privilege by doing the work and living with gratitude.” @MatanaJacobs  #HopetoRecharge


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