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Growing up, Nichole and her family knew she was different; something just seemed “off.” But she wouldn’t get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder until she was 20 years old. As a young child, she assumed everyone was having a similar inner experience to hers, so she didn’t even think to ask for help. Her parents didn’t understand how much was going on in her brain.

During a manic episode, Nichole left home and moved in with a boy several hours away. When the mania subsided, she found herself in the deepest depression of her life. She took herself to the hospital many times, and was turned away every time before finally getting admitted for attempting suicide and being taken home by her parents.

It can be difficult to be taken seriously when you go to the hospital with any condition. Taking someone along with you who can support and advocate for you, especially when you are not feeling well enough to speak up for your needs, can literally be a life saver.

Nichole took us back to her childhood where she never felt at home with her peers. She preferred the company of teachers and other adults in her life. She begged her mom to homeschool her, but her family was unable to do so. Her struggle with social anxiety and bullying caused her to do whatever she could to hide.

One of the most important things we can do to help ourselves or others who are struggling with mental illness is simply to talk about it. Have the conversation; bring it to light. No one has ever healed from pretending to be okay. Boundaries are also so important, whether in-person or online. Don’t be afraid to unfriend or unfollow or at least mute people. More importantly, surround yourself with loved ones and social media accounts that make you feel uplifted and healthy. You don’t have to keep following people or accounts that are no longer relevant or helpful to you.

Finding the right medication can be such a struggle, and it took Nichole 7 years to reach this point where she feels stable AND doesn’t have negative side effects. Persistence is key. Don’t give up. Human support is also so important. Being part of a support group teaches you about your condition from the perspectives of people who are experiencing it and can not only relate to you, but also warn you about something you might experience later. Above all, don’t give up. There is always another beacon of hope around the corner.


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As we all know, sharing can help others. We are here to support each other and to learn from each other. In mental health, Together is better.

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  • “I just assumed everybody felt the same way, and I didn’t understand how everyone was functioning”. @NicholeHowson #HopetoRecharge
  • “Talking about it won’t cause it to happen… if we’re talking about depression or anxiety or self-harm… it brings to light the people who are struggling. It’s not causing it; it’s helping them”. @NicholeHowson #HopetoRecharge
  • “We work really hard to heal… It’s not like we get to the finish of healing and, “Ok, we’re all better.” It’s every day. Every day is a healing journey for us because we choose to live a healthy life”. @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “I wish every person that was struggling would be able to get the support they need without having to fight for it”. @NicholeHowson #HopetoRecharge
  • “Don’t give up. There is help out there; we just have to get it for you”. @NicholeHowson #HopetoRecharge


Topics Discussed

  • Growing up with bipolar (and not knowing it)
  • Boundaries
  • Social media toxicity
  • Medication and support groups
  • Hope


Suicide Hotlines:

USA: 1-800-273-8255
USA Crisis (Text): 741-741
Canada: 1-833-456-4566
United Kingdom: 116-123
Australia: 13-11-14
International Suicide Hotlines:


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