This week the world felt the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others. Many were in shock. My own son asked me how people can smile if there is so much grief. Indeed it took more effort to put on a smile and find the way out of sadness.

It is true of all tragedies. One of my mentors lost five children. She is a woman who is full of determination to continue living and giving. How? She looks for and is grateful for the things that are good. She could wallow in the pain and sadness, but she choices not to. It is a conscious decision to look for the positive and live in that mindset. I have another friend who lost two children. She also said that the only way she can continue is to put the emphasis on what she does have and be grateful for it. No one can ever promise us even one more minute. We need to be grateful for what we have now.

We should feel the emotions of loss, sadness and grief and honor these emotions. Then move on. In respect for and in honor of those that no longer walk this earth, we should motivate ourselves with gratitude for the good things.

Thank you all for your sharing in helping break the stigma of mental health and I pray that you will always find the nuggets of goodness in your lives to admire and be grateful for.

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