We’re in the last stretch of 2019 and about to jump into 2020. Before we take that leap into the next year, I want to encourage you all to find a moment of quiet and look back on 2019. Take inventory of all that happened and all that didn’t. Note the things that you accomplished and those that you tried to accomplish, but didn’t work out. Be grateful for those things that went your way and also for those that turned out to be disappointing. Be grateful for what you learned along the way.

I want to express my gratitude to you, my listeners, for sharing with me your own struggles and challenges. I’ve learned from you so much and among those things you’ve shared is wrestling with the Holiday Blues. When all around you are full of cheer and you feel despondent, their happiness hurts that  much more. Why are you not able to be in that mode?

Those of you who are grappling with the Holiday Blues, allow yourself to feel the gamut of your emotions. Examine them and give them space. Then move them over a bit and allow room for you to delve into the hurt and find something positive. Something good. A glimmer of hope. I am sure it is there underneath all the negativity. Invite it in and experience that. Invite light into the pain.

Then try to visualize what you want for yourself in the coming year. Close your eyes or talk to yourself or write it down. Whatever works for you. Try to shift the energy, even though you may be in pain, make space for the things that you did receive or accomplish. Then bring them with you into your visions for the new year.

Although I myself didn’t suffer from Holiday Blues, I would feel a let down when they were over. I always looked forward to celebrating the holidays. We would have company, friends, good food, family time, and lots of laughter. Then it was over.

When I was in my depression I did experience a fear every Friday getting into the Sabbath. In my religion every Saturday is like a Thanksgiving. We invite friends and sometimes strangers to join us, cook up a storm, and enjoy ourselves.  I would dread that weekend. The pain was so strong. Sometimes I didn’t know how I would survive. I turned to the attitude of gratitude to help me survive. Noticing what was working around me.

I wish all of you the ability to close this year with clarity, reflection and the ability to begin the next year with an abundance of dreams and wonderful insight into the future. Find the little hope you already have and bring it with you into the next year. Jump start next year with gratitude, hope and inspiration.

Thank you for tuning in sharing your journey and giving me clarity about my own journey.

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