Just about every podcast I end by asking you to please share with me what your reactions are, your insights, your take on things. It isn’t just an empty request. I learn so much from all you listeners and today I want to share with you an example.

Recently I had been trying to coach someone in practicing gratitude. They were in the clutches of despondency, not motivated. Their everyday was colored in darkness in the absence of hope. This person took to the challenge of practicing  gratitude, journaling three times a day, delving into their life and finding the glimmers of hope that had been covered over with bleakness.

Within weeks, a new reality was created. There was a positivity, more motivation and it seemed the goal had been realised.

“Now what do I do, that I have gotten here?” was the question posed to me.

“Now you continue and take it to the next level and keep practicing the gratitude!”

“That’s going to be very difficult for me, now that I have reached my goal.”

The response to my guideline brought me to a new understanding about helping others. While for me reaching a place of low anxiety and ratcheting up my motivation made practicing gratitude easier than trying to do it from a point of despondency, this is not true for everyone. Some work better toward a desired goal, but once that goal is in sight or achieved, their motivation drops.

No matter which type of person you are, practicing gratitude is all important. Like a muscle, if it isn’t regularly exercised it will atrophy and hard won gains will slowly slip away. Keeping the gratitude muscle strong and active will help to face new challenges when they come along. With your routine in place, you whip out your gratitude tools and the jump over the hump is easier and smoother. One can never overdose on gratitude. Keep implementing gratitude until it becomes part of who you are.

Melody Beattie wrote a book, Make Miracles in 40 Days: Turning What You Have Into What You Want. I previously started the Making Miracle method but I didn’t carry it through. At that time,it was too hard for me to face my hurts and struggles. Now I am going to attempt it once again and I will share my journey with you. I’m excited to see where it will take me.

Thank you all for being with us. We’re celebrating 10,000 individual downloads. You made it happen, so celebrate this exciting landmark along with us.

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Bye ‘til next time.

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