Hello, to all of my friends and followers in this odyssey of healing and helping others to heal,

Nine years ago when I took my first steps towards healing I read a book about gratitude and how an attitude of gratitude can attract positive things. It explained how finding positive things in one’s life helped to chip away a place for good to replace what was only dark and negative.

It was hard. Night was when my demons came out in full force so I chose then to fight back with my gratitude notes. I began slowly. I am grateful that I can speak. I am grateful that I can swallow.- to blink – to get out of bed. As my depression lightened there were bigger accomplishments to note. I am grateful that I was able to shower. I am grateful that I drove for the first time in a week.

I invite you to try this exercise. Begin with one thing a day for a week. Up it to two the next week. Make gradual increases. Practicing gratitude is just like any other sport. Begin slowly, and with practice the muscle strengthens and you can do more, Eventually it will become second nature and your mindset will be one of gratitude.

I wear 2 bracelets. One says: my word is gratitude. The second, a simple rubber one says: Fill your attitude with gratitude. It is a constant reminder to think of the positive and look for the things I should and can be grateful for.

Every Thursday on my podcast I wish to take the opportunity to express some gratitude. Today I want to say a huge thank you to all my followers and listeners. All those who cheered me on to get this podcast up and going.

To Heather Parody who coached me from idea to production; to my husband who took over the home and the kids so that I could devote time to this endeavor and supported me as I tried to learn how to swim in the pond of podcasts; to my children who cheered me on, laughed and cried with me through difficult times, who were patient with me and were proud of me as a mother and a human being; to my mother who checked in; to my sisters who helped me; to all the technical people who held my untechnical hand and guided me; to the podcast movement group; to the She podcast group; to Jesse Itzler for being a life mentor, for leading by example, for teaching me how to have grit, for teaching me how to set goals, for creating a tribe of like minded people who support each other; to the Build Your Life Resume group, aka BYLR Community; accountability partners that reminded me that I can do this; to each and every one of you who is listening and is willing to join in helping others heal from the trauma of mental health. My heart is full of gratitude to you.

I invite you to share with us what are you grateful for today?