Sharing Is The First Step To Healing!

As you may be aware, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. A number of listeners have reached out to me, asking if they could share their individual stories with me. They had never shared their story with anyone, and I was honored to be able to hear them, to confide in me and allow me to be the audience to the story of their Journey.

I totally understand how they were afraid, intimidated and nervous. Sharing a story in public can be nerve-racking. But they overcame their fears in order to start healing. They are true heroes.

It is a well-known fact that it can be very therapeutic to share a story if you’ve never shared it before, even if it’s with a stranger.
Simply telling over the story can start the healing process.

I’m embarking on a mission to record an episode that combines different stories from different brave volunteers who have never previously shared their story before. With anyone.

If that is you, I invite you to fill out the form below so that I can record the one on one interview to help start the healing. To keep everyone safe and secure, I invite you to remain anonymous – the recording will not be video, it will be just audio (sound) and you need not give your name.

Once all of the individual stories are recorded, I will combine them into one episode so that the rest of the community can hear these brave souls.

I personally would like to do more for mental health awareness month and giving people a safe platform to share where they will not be judged, and to let their story out, and this would be a great opportunity to give the Hope to Recharge community the ability to create more awareness supporting Mental Health

If you would like to volunteer and take the first step and share your story for the first time and be one of the featured guests on a Hope to Recharge podcast, please submit some basic details about your story on the form below to see if this is a fit and we will be in touch.

Let’s do this!