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In this exclusive episode of Hope to Recharge, we are joined by Miri Grunhaus & Fally Klein, who share with us their wisdom, insight and experience in the journey of mental health, and healing with gold. If you have not yet heard Part 1 of this episode, please listen to it here, before purchasing this episode.

In this continuation of Part 1 of this stunning interview with personal friends and collaborators Fally Klein, a women’s empowerment facilitator, and Miri Grunhaus, a fashion designer with purpose, we gain a newfound understanding of healing. Both women have experienced tremendous pain in their lives, but it is what they learned from their pain that gave them purpose, and ultimately brought them together. If we learn to sit with our pain rather than shy away from it, they share, we can catapult ourselves into lives of deeper joy and meaning than we ever thought possible.

For Miri, this meant shifting from a lucrative career in graphic design to a completely new industry: fashion. Without even knowing how to sew, Miri decided to empower women to heal themselves by building a fashion line around the Japanese concept of kintsugi. Just as broken pottery is mended with gold to highlight the breaks, Miri’s choice to own her story has led to a richer, more fulfilling existence.

For Fally, turning her pain into purpose has meant leading holistic healing workshops for women. Rather than trying to “fix” or numb out pain, Fally believes in diving straight into it. Within pain, there is always the potential for transformation. Fally happened to wear one of Miri’s kintsugi dresses to one of her workshops – the first in a long list of coincidences that brought these women together to do the work they are meant to be doing. Today’s episode will renew your belief in magic: the authentic kind of magic that happens when we choose to embrace what life gives us and own our story.

As we all know, sharing can help others. We are here to support each other and to learn from each other. In mental health, Together is better.

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