Gift of Light – 8 Private 1 on 1 Sessions with Matana

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This time, Give Yourself this one time 8 hour gift, that will last a lifetime.

Gift yourself the gift of clarity and healing with eight private hour long sessions with Matana. You will gain tools to enhance your future life based on the methods Matana herself has gleaned over a decade-long journey improving her mental health.

Matana will work with you to meet your specific goals and will customize a unique program to fit your situation during this package offer of 8 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.

Healthy Habits You’ll Develop In Your Sessions:

  • Approach life with a healthy positive mindset
  • Develop self-love and self-acceptance
  • Live with a grateful heart that showers happiness and abundance
  • Implement the power of forgiveness

This is the most important lesson you can learn. You are worth the personal attention and investment in yourself. Learning to value yourself for who you are is the most unselfish thing you can do. When you accept and love yourself you become more capable of loving others in healthy and respectful ways.

Many of us have unhealthy relational patterns in our lives. During our sessions together we will focus on breaking those patterns and replacing them with ways of relating to others keep you safe and allow you to stay on your path to healing. Healthy patterns in relationships are natural as small children, then along the way we end up needing to relearn them as adults.

Together we will strengthen your foundation, break old habits, and help you love the amazing human you were created to be.

How often do you start your day with great mental clarity and a positive outlook only to be thrown off course when something doesn’t go as planned?

A positive mindset is not a fake smile or pretending that something didn’t happen. Changing your mindset directs you to focus on what is healthy, not what is fake. Genuine acknowledgement of what is in your past and your present is the first step to moving through an issue and coming out stronger on the other side.

Instead of allowing circumstances to send you toward anger, frustration or resentment, our sessions together will help you reframe your perspective and learn how to benefit from every situation in front of you. I will show you how you can use every situation to grow stronger.

You know that gratitude has been my mantra for years. I didn’t choose gratitude because it’s popular or has a nice ring. Living with a grateful heart has changed my view of my own life and the world around me. Gratitude is a mindset, a way of life.

The more you practice gratitude, the more it becomes a privilege and not a chore. Gratitude becomes something you crave and it attracts the right people and relationships into your life. It’s contagious and will filter out negative relationships that have the potential to pull you down.

My personal journey has taught me that focusing on gratitude reduces complaining. It has made even small gifts in life become big to me and my needs have decreased as I focus on what I already have. This will be a focus in our time together because I know the power it has given me in overcoming my daily challenges with mental health.

Freedom is found in forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, but it is a release of the weight that sits on your shoulders when you hold on to offenses. People will always do things to us that hurt and we can’t control that. What we can control is how we manage that hurt.

Working through forgiveness with you is important because I know that usually we must forgive ourselves before we can forgive others. Who you were then is not who you are now and today is your opportunity to change how your story will end.

Grace is a vital ingredient in forgiveness. We did the best we could when we made that mistake. The people who hurt you were doing the best they could at that time. It doesn’t justify their actions, but forgiveness allows us to release a burden that will hold us down as long as we carry it.

One-on-one sessions will dig into forgiveness and move you toward a place of healing.

A personal note from Matana about this special offer:

In these 8 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, I will give you solid practical advice gained from my years of hard work and experience from guiding others. We will put a plan into place that can help you achieve your goals.

Over the last ten years I have cried, I have been frustrated, and I have put in hard work to get to the healthy place I am today. Those moments, days, and years are part of who I am today and my passion now is to take the lessons from the dark places and provide you with the hope that there are better days possible. I am here to walk alongside you, give you options, and help you choose a path to health.

It will be personal; it might be raw and it might hurt, and I’ll reveal many of the tips, tricks, shortcuts and longcuts, mindset and thinking that I personally use each day, to help you heal, grow and awaken.  I will personally guide you one-on-one, helping you navigate your journey to a better life and providing you a results-oriented curriculum to place you on a road to sustainable healing.

My heart is overjoyed when I have the opportunity to use my gift of intuition + experience to support others in their own healing. I wish I could work with everyone I meet, but in order to ensure quality time, I limit the number of people I work with at any one time. You deserve the best of what I have to give.  Space is limited, so sign up today.

This offer ends April 1, 2024.

Take the next step now. If you’d like to work with me and you agree to the terms and conditions, purchase this time limited offer and I will personally send you my calendar schedule for you to choose a date & time for your first session.

Questions? Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help answer questions that you might have. I am happy to talk to you if you would like to set up a free 30-minute discovery call for these questions.

Let’s do this!


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