How to “Squish” Mental Health Stigma with John Lang and Max Fritzhand

Do you feel truly supported in your mental health journey? Do you wish that there were more people for you to talk to and lean on when you are going through a difficult time? This week, I am excited to share with you about a company called Squish, which is looking to solve this problem and bring hope to the mental health field.

Gratitude During Tragedy: The Loss of Kobe (Attitude of Gratitude)

We lost a giant this week. The loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other passengers was a trauma that we collectively experienced. Many of us did not know him personally, however we felt as though we did because of the impact that he made on our lives.

Thanking Ourselves (Attitude of Gratitude)

Today I wanted to speak about self gratitude and why we should say “thank you” to ourselves. Now when you first hear that, you may be thinking that it sounds self-centered or egotistical to thank yourself. However on today’s episode of Attitude of Gratitude I want to highlight a few critical reasons why you should implement this powerful practice.

Highly Sensitive People with Patricia Young

Is being sensitive a bad thing? From an early age we are told to “suck it up” and to “stop crying” and are not given permission to lean into the natural emotions that we feel. As a result, when we are adults we often see being “sensitive” as a negative thing without seeing it as the GIFT it really is.

One Moment of Gratitude Leads to the Next (Attitude of Gratitude)

For the past several months we have been producing Attitude of Gratitude on Thursdays to encourage you to invite gratitude into your life as a daily practice. Unfortunately, I have seen that there are still so many people who are hesitant to practice gratitude because they simply do not believe that it will work. In today’s episode, I share with you exactly how one moment of gratitude WILL slowly change your life.

How to Level UP Your Mental Health in 2020 (Attitude of Gratitude)

Here we are! The first Attitude of Gratitude for the New Year! Let’s start this year with an abundance of gratitude for all that we went through in 2019. What happened to you this past year that made you a better person? What was something you feared in 2019 that ended up being a huge blessing? We have so much to be grateful for!